Takeaway Food Containers Plastic Microwave Freezer Safe Storage Boxes

Plastic Takeaway Food Containers will keep your food in place without ever creating a mess. Lids are airtight and leak proof. Great for both liquid and solid food.
Plastic takeaway containers with lids withstand the hottest microwaveable and coldest freezable temperatures without compromise. Plastic food storage boxes with lid are Dishwasher Safe .
Rectangular food storage containers are of the

HIGHEST QUALITY. Plastic food container with snap on lids seals airtight to keep food fresh for longer. Great for the office, university, gym, home, travel.
These durable plastic food containers with lids are stackable that require less space to store in your kitchen cabinet, You can also use them as Freezer Storage Box, take away plastic containers.

Plastic Container Specifications:
Rectangular range of Containers & Lids.
Ideal for takeaway dishes.
Perfect for storing or freezing.
Microwave safe.
750ML with Lids

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